Case Study Analysis: The Enrique Camarena Case

Case Study Analysis: The Enrique Camarena Case
The Enrique Camarena Case – A Forensic Nightmare.”

Malone, M. P. (1989, September). The Enrique Camarena case – A forensic nightmare. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 58(9), 1-6. Retrieved from
(This is a case study involving an actual crime and crime scene. Use this assignment to properly prepare for the Final Paper.)
Please address the following in detail:
a.Catalog the forensic evidence found in the Camarena Case.
b.Summarize the steps followed by the crime scene investigators including the mistakes and/or correct steps followed to process the scene through the criminal justice system.
c.Assess what could have been done better or what could have been improved upon during the forensic investigation of the crime scene.