Canadian politics

1. While the official policy of “multiculturalism” is considered by many to be a great method of dealing with Canada’s social diversity, in Québec there is growing support for the policy of “interculturalism.”  Compare and contrast these policies and answer the following question: do you believe that interculturalism is the most appropriate policy for Québecois society, or should multiculturalism be employed there?  Make sure to provide reasons for your position.
2. Traditionally, organized labour (in the form of trade unions) has played a very important role in Canadian society.  However, in the late 20th and early 21st century unions have come under attack by the forces of what many call “neoliberalism”.   Describe this situation and answer the question: How do you think organized labour should respond to these challenges?
3. One of the most interesting aspects of the political entity we call Canada, is that several distinct nations exist within it.  In particular, several groups of “First Nations” and other aboriginal peoples live all across the country.  How do these groups express their nationalism?


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