Can this be completed by noon?

Can this be completed by noon?,increased as requested…please confirm that you can complete by noon tomorrow Thanks,give me just a minute,did you get the two files?,a pdf and a word file,here you go. please confirm receipt,Thanks. My section is question 1. But I would like a short brief of the remaining questions…if possible.,Awaiting approval? What does that mean? Have you accepted? Thanks. Matt,how long does that take?,I have alraedy done that hours ago. See our previous conversations. The question is awaiting approval…under evaluation. I need to know if this is going to be completed. I sent all of the information to you hours ago and you said that you were evaluating it.,doc file attached,My part of the case is question 1. So, I need that answered. Plus, maybe a brief explaination of the other issues. Please let me know soon…it is due by noon tomorrow to my group members. Thanks Matt,Did you get the doc file? It explains what I need. I need question 1 answered…plus maybe a brief of the remaining issues.,how long will it take do you think? I need it by noon tomorrow…is that reasonable?,great! question 1 is my part of the assignment. However, could you pleae give a brief overview of the remaining parts? Thanks. When do you think you will be done? No trying to be pushy, I just like to be informed of the process> Thanks.,Did you see may last question?,This was due per the contract by noon today. You have not answered my questions from yesterday. I am a bit worried about this. I required this to be completed by 12. Please update me. Thanks Matt