C program for Employee Payroll System

Write a C program that determines the gross pay and net pay for each of up to;ten employees, then prints out a payroll summary report. For each employee;your program should prompt for the number of hours worked and the hourly;rate of the worker. Once this information is entered, your program should;calculate the gross pay, federal tax paid, and net pay for that employee.;Gross pay is calculated by: hours worked * hourly rate, plus overtime pay, if any.;The company pays ?straight-time? for the first 40 hours worked by each;employee, and pays ?time-and-a-half? for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours.;Your program should include at least four functions. One of which is called to;determine the overtime pay. It would require 2 parameters passed to it (hourly;rate, and hours worked), both of which are data type float. It would return the;calculated overtime pay (as shown below), which is of data type float. This;function should only be called if necessary (that is, when the number of hours;worked is more than 40.0).;The second function should be called to calculate the federal tax. It requires 1;parameter passed to it (gross pay), and should return the federal tax paid, both of;which should be data type float. Assume that federal tax is a % of gross pay (as;shown below).;The net pay can then be calculated (gross pay – federal tax) and returned by a;third function.;Use the following calculations in your functions;overtime pay = (hours worked – 40.0) * hourly rate * 1.5;federal tax = gross pay *.2 if gross pay is under 1000, and otherwise federal;tax = gross pay *.22;The last function takes the data amassed in the arrays, and prints out the payroll;report as shown below.* (If you cannot accomplish the last function, submit;without this function for a -5 deduction).;The dialog with the user must be as follows: (the welcome message can be;designed of your own chosing);—————————————————————————————————;Please enter the name of your company: ACME;Welcome to the ACME Payroll Calculator;Enter the number of salaries to process(1-10): 3;Enter the name for employee 1: John Smith;Enter the number of hours for John Smith: 40;Enter the hourly rate for John Smith: 10.00;Enter the name for employee 2: Jane Doe;Enter the number of hours for Jane Doe: 41;Enter the hourly rate for Jane Doe: 20.00;Enter the name for employee 3: Cher;Enter the number of hours for Cher: 36;Enter the hourly rate for Cher: 15.20;ACME Payroll Report;—————————–;John Smith;Gross Pay: $ 400.00;Federal Tax: $ 80.00;Net Pay: $ 320.00;Jane Doe;Gross Pay: $ 830.00;Federal Tax: $ 166.00;Net Pay: $ 664.00;Cher;Gross Pay: $ 547.20;Federal Tax: $ 109.44;Net Pay: $ 437.76;Report Totals;——————-;Gross Pay: $ 1777.20;Federal Tax: $ 355.44;Net Pay: $ 1421.76;Note: It may not appear so, but I wish;the decimal places to be aligned for the Payroll Report.;Hints/Notes: Error checking is required on all user input except for names for this;program. (1 <_3d_ employees="" _029_3b_3f_="" _also2c_="" arrays="" are="" needed="" in="" this="" _program2c_="" and="" functions="" required="">