Business enviroment 2 and 3

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heading or point number before you start any point

2.1 dont use anything on the internet i will upload a paper u can use this only

2.2 for 2.2 i want you to do 2 tables or diagrames or chart one for each

2.3 is straight forword you will see it in the attachment

beacouse they are 2 point and less then 50 words comment on them both

3.1 purpose = target values= things we believe in

vision, mission, objectives

draw a table for purpose and values for oil comapny and other company mention products +energy in oil company and comment on how similar and diffrences

3.2 draw a chart and ass pictures for wages caculate average wages of the company znd number of jobs draw chart or tables for each part under extand to which the firm has meet the objectives over the last few years and comment prefly on wach chart you draw

3.3 talk about what the worse things that could happen it can reach to death not only getting fired

3.4 is you have to put all task 1 and 2 and 3 together please out the old task 1.1 and 1.2 not the new one

as you see my teacher likes more pictures and graphs and diagrams then words but you will need to explain them in short sentences

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