Ball Chicks by : Gini Sikes

*A concise summary of the book you read (8 Ball Chicks by Gini Sikes)that takes up LESS THAN 1/2 the paper
* how does this book relate to what we have been studying in this course (juvenile delinquency edition 9 by Clemens Bartollas and Frank Schmalleger ch.1-8)
* What is you opinion of the book ? Support opinion with examples from the book
* What issues interest you the most? Why? describe in detail
* Were there things that you didnt meet your expectations, something you were hoping to get out of the book but didnt?
* As a result of reading this book are there changes you make in your own life or in your thinking about particular topics? Will the information in this book help you in other classes or in your future career ? Describe (fyi- i plan on working in the juvenile Justice system)
* Source/reference- 8 ball chicks by: Gini Sikes, Juvenile Delinquency edition 9 by: Clemens Bartollas and Frank Schmalleger ch1-8