Australian heritage narrative/ story task

Australian heritage narrative/ story task
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TASK: Write an inspired narrative text (a story) incorporating your knowledge of Australian identity and heritage.
Attached is a painting of a classic Australian scene during the colonial era. Your narrative must link clearly to the painting and the topic of Australian heritage. The story must include the man boiling the billy and the woman resting with her child. Consider the context of the time in which these characters are situated in. The structure of the story must be made up of a title, an orientation, a complication and a resolution, in which the problem is worked out. Grammatical features you must include in the story are:
– particular nouns that refer to or describe the characters and events
– adjectives and adjectival phrases and/or clauses that build up a description of the parts of the story
– past tense action verbs
– the use of saying, thinking and feeling verbs to indicate what a character is feeling, thinking or saying
– adverbs and adverbial phrases and/or clauses to locate where or when the action takes place
– conjunctions and time connectives to show the sequence of events.
Your story should be 350 – 500 words max.

Painting details:
Frederick McCubbin
On the Wallaby Track 1896
oil on canvas
122.0 x 223.5 cm
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Purchased, 1897