2500 words :I: 10% Weighting: 50% The purpose of this assessment is to explore and applythe principles of business planning and budget developmentwrthrn a hypothetical clInIcal area. Look at the case analyses and ansWerthe questions below. Case analysis (a) You are theNurse Manager of a 32 bed general surgical ward in a metropolitan hospital in a magor city. As a result of a restructuring of the hospital networks In the local Area Health Servrce you have been asked to combine the 3 general surgical ward with a new 2 bed, short stay surgical ward which has been built adjacentto your ward. Please ansWerthe questionsthat follow in relation to this case analysis. Introduction and Conclusion (500 words) Question 1 – Dev eloping a business plan (approx. 750 words) 1) ldentilethe relevant atIonal, State and local plans and polIcIes that you would need to inform the development ofthe business plan and explain why they would be important. 2) Name the documents and data would you need to collect and analyse to develop a service profile. Examine the service demand forthe new service level? 3) Explain the type of workload methodology that might be useful for determining the supply of nurses required to staff the new service level? 4) Briefly discuss any skill-mix or staff education issues which might need to be taken into account for the new combined service. Question 2 – Dev eloping a cost centre budget (approx. 750 words) 1) Discussthe benefits of having the Nurse Manager dev elop a cost centre budgetfor a specific area of responsibility? 2) Flexible, Zero-based and output-based (or clinical) budgeting are three alternative budgeting methods that could be adopted by the Nurse Manager to develop a budget plan for this new combined service. Which method would you consider most appropriate and why? Your ansWer should compare and contrast the different methodologies and include discussion ofthe merits, Weaknesses and applications of each model. 3) In the context of developing a cost centre expenditure budget: a. Provide an outline the three main areas of expenditure (line items) that will be considered for the expenditure budget and giv e examples ofthe issuesto be considered for each area of expenditure priorto starting calculations b. Identilfyoand discussthe cost centre reports generated within your organisation that will be used to provide a baseline forthe budget ca cu atIons. Question 3 – Dev elop a sample Salaries and Wages budget (approx. 500 words) Review the following sample staffing profile Develop a sample Salaries and Wages budget for this profile and make notes on all your calculationsto demonstrate your thinking. Explain the assumptions that you make to underpin your decisions. Staffing Profile: 1.0 Full time (FTE) Nurse Unit Manager Level 2 (Mon-Fri) ~1.0 FTE CNS (Education & Quality lmprov ement (Mon-Fri) 5.0 FTE Registered Nurses (3.0 FTE RNs,0.4 FTE RN, 0.6 FTE RN, 0.8 FTE RN,0.2 FTE RN – all on rotating rosters) 2.0 FTE Enrolled Nurses (rotating shifts) 1.0 FTE Assistant in Nursing (Mon-Fri) Lhelaigov e case analysis should be based on a public hospital within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT eat


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