Week 2 Assignment 2;Class Newsletter;(This assignment fulfills these NETS-T, InTASC, and CCTC Standards);In this assignment, you will use a Microsoft Word newsletter template to create a class newsletter to your students? parents. If you are not yet teaching, assume that you are teaching your preferred grade level.;Using the information from your grant proposal, you will write a 1-2 page newsletter that will contain the following information;Announce that your classroom has won the $10,000 software grant.;List the software your classroom will get.;Explain how the software will enhance and support learning in the classroom. Include brief examples of learning activities that would use the software.;Explain which ISTE NETS for Students (NETS-S) standards that the software will enable your students to achieve.;To access Microsoft Word’s template files, see the following tutorials. Remember that you must use a NEWSLETTER template of your choice.;How to Find Installed Templates in Word 2010;How to Find Installed Templates in Word 2007;Submit your completed newsletter document in your Week 2 Assignment 2 drop box.;Week 2, Assignment 2: Class Newsletter Points;1-2 page newsletter using Word newsletter template (two pages maximum). Assignment will not be graded if a template is not used.;5;Announcement of grant award to your classroom. 10;List of software that will be in your classroom. 10;How software will enhance learning, brief learning activities 50;ISTE NETS-S standards achieved with the software. 10;Overall, layout, organization and appearance. 10;Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, APA citations 5;Total Points 100