Art Detective Project Instructions

Art Detective Project Instructions

Art Detective Project Instructions

This is a two part assignment. Part one involves comparing the artistic expressions of the three era – Renaissance, Baroque and Realism periods. What were some of the core differences? How did the events of the era impact the artistic expression. Submit this online along with your sources for the second part of the project.

For the second part of this project, I am asking you to research a piece of artwork. To begin narrow down your interests by considering what type of art appeals to you. For example, do you want to research a piece of art from the western, Islamic, African, Eastern traditions? Or do you know who your favorite artist is already (ex.Henri Matisse)? Once you select your topic, you can begin the detective process by researching your art work by visiting the library or reviewing websites. i chose the art called by Zhenya Gershman, Artist and Art Historian, co-Founder of Project AWE. and the webside is : i will download a pic of the art too to make suer exactly waht i talk about

On February 23rd each student will present their art work to the class. Below are the following elements I want you to cover when sharing with the class your artwork. You will need to only submit your source list via Canvas.


Select a piece of art that is either “two” or “three” dimensional or time based (sculpture is an example of “three” dimensional, a painting is an example of “two” dimensional art and a video installation is an example of “time-based” art). No personal or family art is allowed. Architecture is not allowed either.

1. Title of the piece of art work you selected, the medium, time period in which it was created, and cultural influence (African, western, etc….).

2. Provide a few details about the artist and his or her era.

3. Explain who commissioned the art work (was it a wealthy benefactor? a corporation? work the artist did on his or her own time, etc…)

4. Where is this piece of art housed now?

5. Add any additional details about the art work. Was it stolen, misplaced, damaged, purchased by an iconic historical figure, etc….?

Be sure to supply me with a citation page or slide in your power point. Wikipedia and “” are NOT an acceptable source for the projects for this course as it is not a peer reviewed website.

HINT: Think about going to a library and check out an art history book to begin your research. It is a great place to start

Another helpful online source includes:

Oxford Grove Art Online (visit the Library webpage)