Apple vs. Nokia/ Engineering Economics

Apple vs. Nokia/ Engineering Economics
1- Everything about this research is explained in the outline so read it carefully.
2- about the references: you should use at least 5 resources which could be from any of the following:
# Newspapers (ex: Network Times)
This type of resources is the best to the professor.
# Journals
This is also preferred by the professor
3- Please specify all of the resources you use.
4- VERY IMPORTANT : we have a very excellent turnitin program, so you can’t copy anything and whenever you will paraphrase something make it clear by citations. Again, the paraphrased ideas should be perfectly done you can’t copy anything.
5- Make sure to approve that Apple was able to vanish Nokia in a very little time.

: Apple vs. Nokia
Topic objectives:
? How was Apple Inc. able to vanish Nokia Inc. after being the second loading company of cell phones in the Middle East?
Things to be discussed in the paper:
? Features comparison between Nokia and Apple:

Nokia Apple
Strong body Online shopping
Battery life Apple store & ITunes cards
Size Finger print
? Cost analysis
? Company’s strategy
• Starting paragraph:
Discuss/ Relate devices cost to company’s strategy.
• Case study:
Situation happened to the writer:
I, Mema, returned a damaged iPhone 3gs to Apple Inc. in Houston Galleina mall on 2013 – the original cost of the iPhone when I brought it was approximately $ 712.3 “in Qatar”. Apple follows take and return strategy, so that iPhone was completely damaged and I returned it to them. What they did is that they make me pay approximately $135 for exchanging the phone with new phone, knowing that the so-called “new phone” is originally an exchanged one that was fixed and polished in order to show that it is new, but it isn’t. How much is the expected revenue of doing this per year? Is it one of the reasons that people thought that apple is a cute company by doing this, but yet apple is bending their economy?!
? Politics of replacement
? Why Microsoft brought Nokia?
$ 7.2 billion bid
? High demand on apple iPhones’ vs. low demand on Nokia’s “while it is cheaper”.

Apple in 2013: