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This is an assignment, not a essay. please use your space properly, no need for intro or conclusion. Answer the two question in below, and provide scientific resources to support your opinion. Do not cite the whole paragraph, cite the specific sentence you used from outside resources.
For question one, please use the material from below for sure.
For question 2

1. Imagine you have just taken over management of a diversified organic vegetable farm in Western Washington. One of your fields has significant issues with high weed pressure, particularly with annual weeds.
It is your job to prepare the field for future planting. It is now late summer, and the last of the lettuce crop that was planted in the field has been harvested. You hope to have the field ready for planting a spinach crop the following year.

Briefly propose a potential strategy to remedy this weed problem and explain why you chose it. Explain how your strategy would work to suppress weeds. Be creative and draw from examples from the videos and readings.
Feel free to choose which annual weeds you’re battling, and note and consider your choice of weeds in your response.

2. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of tillage in relation to factors such as sustainability and usefulness in terms of plant growth and weed control. Do you see tillage as a part of a sustainable system of agriculture? If not, why?
If so, why, and to what extent do you see it playing a part?

For question 1, you should have a minimum of eight well-written sentences. Make sure to touch on the major points of your plan, but don’t worry about including every small detail.
There is no one right strategy; however, your answer should draw from principles and methods gone over in the course material.

For question 2, you should have a minimum of six well-written sentences.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.