: Adolescents

Topic: Adolescents

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?1. Now that Sarah is an adolescent, she has changed the way in which she thinks about religion, morals and politics. Specifically, she disagrees with her parents and believes that protesting against pollution is acceptable because protecting the environment is more important than living in accord with the law. She knows that breaking the law is wrong, but she believes that the enforcement of certain laws should depend on the context in which the law is being evaluated. She believes that some laws are outdated and should be reexamined and perhaps amended. Sarah’s parents think she is just trying to rebel against them. How can you explain Sarah’s change in political ideology based on cognitive research in adolescence?

2. Provide an explanation as to why the nature of an individual’s early attachment relationships during infancy continues to have an influence on the capacity to form satisfying intimate relationships during adolescence and adulthood.