A Farewell To Arms (Book)

Use literary term when writing the paper: plot, theme, characterization, connotation, denotation, figurative language, metaphor, etc.

Assignment: The review must be based on a text from the list given to you during the first week of class. You will then sign up to report on that text by posting your chosen text on the Discussion Board in the Book Choice forum.No two students can choose to report on the same book, so whoever posts their selection first will have claimed that text and no one else will be able to choose it. Once you have signed up to review a certain book, you cannot change your selection unless we discuss it first.

The book report should include the full title (formatted in italics or quotation marks as appropriate for the title type – full-length book titles are written in italics) and the author’s full name in the introduction. Thereafter, you should refer to the author by his or her last name only. The introduction should include a specific thesis statement that will show readers the main idea that you will discuss in your paper. Your review should include some summary information as well as your interpretation and response to the text along with your comments and feedback about a specific element of the story (theme, plot, characterization, etc.) and how the text fits in with traditional American literary tropes or movements or how it generally fits in with other works of American literature. Use evidence from the story to support your claims.

The goal of the review is different from the objective in a critical response writing assignment; so for this paper, you should include summary information. Assume that your readers have not read the story and give them a general overview of the characters and the plot. Be organized and think about the arrangement of your ideas so that your work will be compelling. Write with your own voice so that readers will know how you felt about the text and why you would or would not recommend it to others.


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