A critical review of litterature

A critical review of litterature
Review current literature on a topic in relation to young children’s
language, literacies and communication learning and development
and identify
implications for effective literacy learning and teaching.
2000 words.
Criteria of Assessment:
Depth, insight and thoroughness of research is evident;
Deep and insightful critical
review of the selected topic is presented;
Demonstrated understandings of the current context of early childhood
education as it relates to language and literacies are evident;
Appropriate presentation style and level of literacy is used.
A rubric of stand
ards will be available on Blackboard under ?Assessment?.
This assessment item asks you to critically review a selected topic that relates to
childhood literacies education. The review must demonstrate your
understandings of
relevant theoreti
cal frameworks and conceptualisations. So it must
be more than your
opinions about the topic
the argument you present must be informed by relevant
theory and literature.
A critical review is more than a description of what other writers have said. You must present a critical analysis of the literature within the field you select. You must also demonstrate a keen awareness of the implications for early childhood curriculum
and/or pedagogy of the knowledge available in the field of your topic. Ensure that the review you present is contextualised in the current context of early childhood
education and
perhaps in your own approach to this field.
You should select
of the topics below as your topic for the literature review.
1.Conceptualisations or theoretical perspectives on literacy.
2.Young children?s engagement with pop culture.
3.Learning difficulties or learning disabilities in learning literacy.
4.Transitions and learning literacy




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