1 page QAs

1. (2 point) What is professional ethics?;2. (4 points) What is profession, and who is a professional?;3. (2 point) Who is a computer/IT professional?;4. (4 points) What are professional codes of ethics and what function do they server?;5. (6 points) Explain Gotterbarn’s threefold distinction: codes of ethics, codes of conduct and codes of practice.;6. (2 point) How does the IEEE-CS/ACM Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (SECEPP) improve on earlier professional codes affecting software engineers?;7. (2 point) What, exactly, is whistle-blowing?;8. (2 point) What does Helen Nissenbaum mean by accountability?;9. (4 points) Describe the conventional criteria used in assessing risk in the software-development process.;10. (2 point) What is the Value Sensitive Design (VSD) method.